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Winter Care-child Diary

Oct 13, 2014

Myth: the tire pressure must foot

Many owners believe that insufficient tire pressure can result in increased fuel consumption and tire pressure played a foot. However, when the tire pressure is too high, tread wear will increase in the Middle will not only shorten the service life of tires, but also affect tyre grip, is not conducive to safety. Right thing to do is keep the tire pressure at standard air pressure value ...

Myth: temperatures after gas pressure

With the increase of vehicle driving distance, tire temperature rises, cold tire pressure tire condition increases at this time, many owners think it increases the risk of a puncture. In fact, after a period of time, tire temperature stabilization of the tire pressure will not continue to increase. If worried about tire pressure, increasing the risk of puncture and deflate decompression will result in tire carcass deformation increases in the process, it may actually increase fuel consumption, affect tires service life.

Myth three: new tires or tires mounted on the front of the tread groove depth, shallow pattern tires mounted on rear wheel

Some owners think that the front wheels are drive wheels and steering wheel, driving safety a new tire or wear a smaller tire was mounted on the front wheel, wear larger tires mounted on the rear wheels. In fact, will wear a larger tire was mounted on the rear wheel sharply increases the risk of oversteer vehicle when driving rain and snow, because the tires wear larger drainage ability, once the vehicle oversteer can give rise to traffic accidents.

Myth four: reducing tire pressure can increase snow day anti-skid effect

Road slippery rain and snow, some car owners enjoy lower tire pressure, trying to increase the contact area of the tire and the ground to increase friction, reduce tire slippage. In fact, this approach not only fail to increase the friction, but tire wear due to tire pressure is too low. Value of standard tire pressure tire is the best performance indicators based on scientific experiments, feel free to increase or decrease the tire pressure will lead to excessive tire wear.