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Various Color Skid Steer Solid Tires Rims From WONRAY

May 24, 2018

Various color skid steer solid tires rims from us to the customers from the different country

We are a company which has over 20 years' experience in only solid tires from China.

The solid tire is our main products, but we also provide the industrial rim for our different customers together. They are from different countries, they import the black and non-marking (white, grey, etc) solid skid steer solid tires, black, orange, slivery, yellow etc. rim to meet their clients. Once they provide their rim drawing, we can customize the rim according to their requirements, or they accept our rim.

The different color skid steer solid tires rims have the different price. Like the price of our non-marking skid steer solid tires are higher 15% than our black ones. There are many customers need the non-marking ones to use in the warehouse or indoor, in order to reduce the mark on the ground. The color of the rim can match the color of the machine. We have many sizes skid steer solid tires for your choice: 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 14-17.5, 16/70-20, 385/65-22.5/24, 445/65-24/22.5.

Below, we will share our some pictures for your reference.

10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2).jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (2).jpg 10-16.5 (5).jpg

2 pieces compelet rim for 10-16.5.jpg solid tire&rim.jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (6).jpg

black rim 8.00-20 .jpg 10-16.5 tire & black rim.jpg skid steer solid mold-on tire with Rim.jpg

 yellow Rim 6.00-16 for 10-16.5 tires.jpg 10-16.5 tire & yellow rim (2).jpg solid tire with rim (mold-on).jpg

RIM.jpg 12-16.5 (1).jpg 385 65-22.5 solid tire with rim.jpg

Our exhibition

1.jpg Moscow, Russia --The 8th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics ( CeMAT fair)  (5).jpg

Export transport Package

solid tire_pallet (2)_副本.jpg carefully packed for every tire separately (1).jpg

Our certification


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