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Tire Terms Of Use

Feb 02, 2015

Tires can only be referred to the trained professionals with special equipment for Assembly and disassembly.

Please confirm whether the vehicle air cooled State fully to normal. Correct tire pressure is conducive to environmental protection, safety and economy. Tire pressure is too high or too low are at risk, are likely to cause an accident or tire damage.

Same specification tyres must be used on the same axis, shall not mix tires of different size or structure.

RIM is damaged or deformed, shall not install the tires continue to be used.

When the wheels when grinding to wear instructions, shall not continue, you should immediately replace the tire.

When a fracture occurs when the tire cord, bulging or tire wire and cord is exposed, you must immediately stop using.

Tire service life for too long (over three years) when the tire side when there is a serious ozone aging cracking, or continue to use it.

Tire surface must not touch oil and chemical items such as lipids.

Tire transposition using a half a year or every 5000 km.