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Tire Mold Processing Technology

Dec 25, 2014

Tire mold classification

1: active mold, by the pattern circle, mold sets, the upper and lower side panels.

The active mold distinguishes the conical guide active mold and the oblique plane oriented active mold

2: two molds, by the mold, the mold two pieces.

Tire mold processing technology

1: According to the tire mold casting or forging rough, and then rough rough and heat treatment. Tire mold blanks for complete annealing, to eliminate internal stress, Mould on Tires annealing should be flat, to avoid deformation is too large.

2: according to the drawings to lift the hole, and then press the semi-fine car drawings will be the outer diameter and height of processing in place, with semi-fine car program car pattern lumen, car finished semi-fine model test.

3: with the processing of a good tire mold pattern electrode pattern pattern of electric processing, with a model test.

4: the pattern ring according to the requirements of manufacturers are divided into several copies, respectively, draw the marked line, Mould on Tires into the tooling back waist tapping and tapping.

5: according to the same part of the order of 8, at the crossed line cut.

6: the cut a good block according to the drawings required to light the pattern, clear angle, clear roots, playing the exhaust hole.

7: the block within the cavity evenly sandblasting, Mould on Tires the same color requirements.

8: the pattern ring, mold sets, the upper and lower side plate together to complete the tire mold.

Tire mold due to chemical release agent, rubber, polyurethane and polyethylene with sticky residue pollution, the formation of a large number of dirt, in particular, Mould on Tires affect the quality of the product, in the absence of dry ice before the dirt is difficult to remove, but with dry ice Cleaning can quickly and completely remove the rugged tire tread mold dirt, effectively open the mold stoma.

Dry ice cleaning tire mold

(1) the appearance of the general tire will have a lot of rubber-formed teeth, so that when the vehicle will have a good resistance to the ground, effective anti-skid, improve the safety of vehicle driving; However, this has brought difficulties to the production of tires, Is the mold must be made with the tire corresponding to the complex shape, so the tire mold a lot of different sizes of the slot, but the accumulation of dirt in these troughs is not as good as flat flat cleaning.

⑵ production of tires are used rubber, Mould on Tires polyurethane and polyethylene and other viscous substances to improve the tire wear resistance and anti-skid ability, but these materials even in the absence of cooling, it will be very firmly stick to the mold; The tire mold has a lot of irregular grooves to make the mold more difficult to clean up. If the mold is cleaned from time to time, it will affect the quality of the tire product.