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Tire Maintenance Knowledge

Dec 01, 2014

The saying goes "a journey begins with a single step" for car wheels are feet, tires are shoes once appeared in a tire, not only difficult, more prone to accidents. Therefore, tire maintenance is particularly important:

Tire maintenance knowledge prevent burst to attention to tire maintenance, and you want to change a tire on a regular basis. When the tire wear, wire layer gradually began to fatigue, aging tread when its performance will weaken. Owners tire 4 wheel as far as possible a change, if you wear a different, try to put the new tire on the first two rounds. Before and after driving, pay attention to check tire pressure often, including spare tire tire pressure, especially in summer, tire contact with the hot surface, if the tire pressure is higher, may well lead to a flat tire. In addition, pay attention to the loading capacity of the tyres, do not overload. Also, to be careful before you tire of warning, if you turn to the disc suddenly normal swing, smoke from the tires and so on, just get off the check ready response of tire. In addition, long-distance, high-speed driving, you should try to avoid braking, brakes inside the womb "volume" smaller, increasing pressure inside the tyre, caused a flat tire. Finally, speeding is strictly prohibited, tires have a "standing wave" phenomenon, often appear when the speeding, which can make the tire temperature rises, accelerating the aging of rubber, susceptible to delamination and burst, led to a flat tire.

With the advancement of technology, preferred radial tires, low pressure tire is also good way to prevent tire. Radial tire is relatively soft, belt used high strength, tensile deformation of a small fabric cord or steel cord, this tire strong shock resistance, rolling resistance, consume less energy, the most suitable for driving on the freeway. Now widely used in cars, trucks and low pressure tires, elastic, width, in contact with the road surface, thin walls, good heat dissipation, which improves the car's ride and steering stability, greatly extend the life of the tire, the system is to prevent. Particularly worth reminding that if the driver found that due to the high air pressure cause tires to overheat, absolutely does not allow gas and tire pour cold water to reduce the temperature, this will accelerate the aging of tires, greatly reduce the life of the tire. This can stop the natural cooling, buck. Tire pressure is too low, the driver to inflate and check for slow-puncture tires for the replacement of air tightness good tires.