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Tire Load Capacity

Aug 30, 2014

Although the each tire area in contact with the ground is only a Palm, and it shoulders the full weight of vehicle and passenger.

Interesting General tire

Cushioning and shock absorption

When you are driving on rough roads, what is the guaranteed ride comfort? Tyre! About 50% it is made of flexible rubber, combined with the shock-absorbing capacity of the air inside the tyre, make sure you stay out of bumpy.

Control and change the direction of vehicle travel, transfer engine drive and braking

Parts of the tire is the only contact with the road cars. Whether starting, driving, brake or parking, require your vehicle tire and road surface "communication" and complete your order.

Pass the rotation of the steering wheel

Tire is a driver who will faithfully implement. Turning and turn-around of the car will need to go through tires to complete.