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The Special Wheel As Your Installed Data Requirement

Aug 02, 2018

Becuase of many customers very trusts in us. We are usually asked to buy wheel without solid tire. We would like to help them.

We can customize wheel according to installed data from customers, we can provide our common wheel which most customers can accept. Like 8 holes complete rim for solid or pneumatic skid steer tire, 5 holes split rim for trailer solid tires, and all kinds of rim fro famous brand forklift.

Recently, we customized the wheel as customer's requirement, without any hole, center disc, wheel separately. We only need the offset, the customers will modify it to suit their machines by themselves. 

Below are the pictures for your reference.

Special wheel (1).jpg Special wheel (3).jpg Special wheel (2).jpg

Special wheel (4).jpg Special wheel (5).jpg Special wheel (6).jpg

split rim (1).jpg IMG_2584.jpg 3 pieces complete rim.jpg 8.00-12 rim_副本.jpg

wheel_副本.jpg rim package .jpg rim package.jpg


Our company and office

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Our workshops

We have a throughput of 300 000 pcs a year with a complete set of production line and testing equipments.(Production capacity).


Export transport Package

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