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The Instruction Of Three-stage SOLID TIRE From Factory

May 09, 2018

Our WonRay Solid tires is a three-stage structure which can provide excellent wear resistance, high elasticity, and balance.

Solid rubber tread, independent pattern design, good tire contact ground, good ability in skid prevention, short braking distance.


The anti-arc(concave) design has a good performance in running stability and resilience.

The first layer - Rubber tread: The use of wear-resistant natural rubber, has a strong wear resistance, resistant to piercing. The special technical material is used to make sure the tires have the longer life and be used on different kinds of poor working environment. 

The second layer - With wear-resisting center: using high elasticity to improve the rubber, improve the tire's deformability and elasticity, 90% reach the effect of pneumatic tires.

With Cushion Rubber Center. To make sure the tires with better cushion function and shock absorption. Good for the forklift and also more comfortable for the operator.

The third layer - with Bead wire in steel: The use of hardness rubber, steel ring reinforced. Make sure the tires strong enough to fit the rims and no slip.

The interior of the solid tire is linked by high-strength soft steel reinforcement to improve the deformability of the tire and effectively prevent the tire from cracking and puncturing.

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