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The Characteristics Of Solid Tire

Jul 02, 2014

Solid tire and pneumatic tire (hollow tire) corresponds to a tire, the carcass is solid, without a cord as a skeleton, not inflated tire products tire not the risks. Then small details the characteristics of solid tire for everybody.

A, excellent safety performance, enhance work efficiency. Rubber for solid tire carcass, and maximize the tires resistance to puncture, fundamentally eliminating the hosts running industrial vehicles and tires punctured in the harsh operating environment risks. Load-deformation of the tire and the operation is stable because the stab resistance tear resistance, without air, avoid the hard work of frequent tire tires can improve vehicle utilisation and efficiency at low speed, efficient operation of vehicle, tire replacement pneumatic tire.

Second, reasonable structure design, ensure tires have better performance. Ai Fente tire uses an advanced three-section structure design, three kinds of rubber compound ensures the overall performance of tires, respectively. High rigid, and high strength of base Department rubber and the steel ring support, both guarantee has tire of is sex, and ensure tire and rims of tight solid sex, essentially elimination has solid tire of sliding circle problem; high elastic of middle rubber, effective to absorb has vehicles run Shi produced of vibration, has comfortable of driving took sex, while avoid has on vehicles of damaged; thickened of tire surface rubber layer, guarantee has tire of resistance tore wear performance, improve has solid tire of using life. In addition, LINDE forklifts and special tires within a reasonable drum and CLICK design, ensuring the tires installed and and rims should be closely, widened tires section, improve the stability of the vehicle.

Third, advanced technology and design. Ai Fente solid tire of production used United Kingdom industrial tire company has half more century production history and experience of advanced technology, in rubber formula design Shang maximum to improve has tire of using performance, especially base Department rubber all used abroad imports high rigid, and low health hot rubber material, tire in run Shi of health heat and temperature rose down to minimum, while and improve tire of heat performance, to solution has solid tire for temperature rose led to of expansion big, and sliding circle, and burst, serious problem; advanced of formula design and reduced has tire of scroll resistance.

Four, in the settlement of tire slip rings, blocks, nicks and other advantages. Imported viscose gum as the tire base improves heat build-up of tire, tire runs heat is greatly reduced. Solid tire and RIM through interference fit is press-fit together, body heat-producing too much expansion can lead to tire slide rings. Plastic fiber has good rigidity, hardness, very good, small deformation, expansion coefficient, low heat build-up and so on, thus radically eliminates tire heat caused the swelling resulting from sliding inside the hub ring.

Five, the impact of structural change on tire performance. CLICK (transvestite) structure tire section after the widening, enhancing vehicle stability during operation.