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Solid Tire In The Settlement Of Tire Slip Rings, Blocks, Nicks And Other Advantages

May 01, 2014

That corresponds to a solid tire and hollow tire tire, is the earliest of a tire. Compared with the hollow tire tire with excellent characteristics, small series will introduce today is solid tire in the settlement of tire slip rings, blocks, nicks and other advantages.

1. the tire off the blocks and cracks are caused by many factors, in addition to causing bruising, external factors, its cause is mainly caused by aging rubber, and mainly dominated by thermal aging and photoaging. Using plastic fiber can reduce the heat build-up of tire, you can eliminate the damage caused by thermal aging on rubber cracks, off the block.

2. after imported plastic fiber as wheel base glue, heat build-up of tire can be improved, so as to make tire heat is greatly reduced. Solid tire carcass of heat-producing too much expansion can lead to tire slip rings, fiber adhesive has good rigidity, hardness, low expansion coefficient, low thermal advantages, can eliminate tire well of heat leads to swelling within the hub and slip ring.