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Skid Steer Tires - Solid vs. Pneumatic: Which One Is better For Your Business?

Jul 01, 2015

You may always confused . what kind of skid tires is better for my application. To choose the right skid steer tires , We should know advantages and disadvantages for  the pneumatic skid tires and solid skid steer tires .

Pneumatic tires are a very popular choice for things like  soft  road work and agricultural applications. They are the lowest up-front cost option for equipping your machine and also provide the operator with the most ride comfort. because the air inside the skid steer tires.  will have much better shock absorption .

An obvious downside to pneumatic tires is that you will get a flat sometimes– and predicting when and where that flat is going to happen is can't well control.. Getting a flat while working on a job not only  take your working time  the replacement tire & labor installation costs – you have to factor your machine downtime into the equation!

That being said – there are many applications where a good quality set of pneumatic tires is perfectly suitable for your business needs. You also incur the lowest up-front costs by choosing this option.

Solid Skid Steer Tires

Solid skid steers are cost higher than pneumatic tires in terms of up-front cost. However, they also with significant advantages:

-No flats! Equipping your skid steer with solid tires means that you do not have to worry about getting a flat like you would with pneumatic tires.

You can use in all wasteyard. or glass or other sharp material exist area. no need worry about the flat. Just focus on the work.

-Solid skid steer tires wear much longer than pneumatic tires. You can get up to 3-4 times the wear out of a good set of solid tires than you could with a set of pneumatics. This is especially true in heavy-duty service applications.

So the price share to each hour will be lower than pneumatic tires. Only feel price higher at the begining.

-Save on labor & installation costs: solid skid steer tires come mounted on their own wheel rim. Installing them on your own machine is so simple.

Solid tires unfortunately do not provide the same level of ride comfort as pneumatic tires do. However, in abusive conditions such as a scrap yard or another heavy-duty service application it just is not efficient or cost-effective to risk constantly dealing with unexpected flats and rapid deterioration of pneumatic tire tread.

The most popular skid steer tirs sizes are 10x16.5 and 12x16.5 , also same to 30x10-16 and 33x12-20 solid Skid loader tires.

WonRay can provide Solid Skid tires fit with rims , and also we can supply mould on tires. If are in need.

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