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Various Scissor Boom Lift Solid Tires From Shanghai CeMAT Fair

Nov 08, 2017

Last week, we been to CeMAT in Shanghai which is a Materials Handling, Automation, Transport/Logistics from  31st  Oct. - 2nd  Nov. We don’t have booth this time,just to meet some old partner at the fair,and learn the materials handing market trend,in order for us to  research and development of the latest technology of solid tires.

Here are so many lifting company, it means that Chinese materials handling is growing fast recently.

Maybe you can know some brand. 

 JLG 406x125.jpg 406x125_.jpg 406x125 Grey.jpg

JLG Scissor Lift 2030ES,2630ES,2646ES,3246ES Parts Number 2915013 Solid Wheels 406x125 (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

JLG 323x100 (5).jpg 323x100 white.jpg 323x100 Grey.jpg

JLG 1230 ES, 1930ES JLG 2915012 323X100 Non Marking SOLID Wheel Tire. (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

15x5 (1).jpg This pictures of 15x5 are from CeMAT fair.

15x5 (2).jpg Grey 15x5 Haulotte tire (3).jpg Dingli 15x5.jpg 15x5_2.jpg

I5x5 which we have this size scissor lift tire: "Haulotte Lift Compact 8, 8W, 10, 10N, 12, 14 Service 2820302890 Solid Tire 15x5","Genie Aerial Lift GS2032/2046 GS2632/2646 GS3232/3246 GS4047 Parts 105454 Tires 15x5"(below solid tire is from us / WonRay)

Skyjack 22x7x17 3 4.jpg

Above is 22x7x17 3/4 S for SkyJack from CeMAT fair.

Grey 22x7x17 3 4(9 holes)_ (1).jpg Black 22x7-17 3 4 (2).jpg White 22x7-17 3 4 (1).jpg

We also have this size for Genie Z-30/20N Boom Lift Parts 94908 94909 22x7x17 3/4 Solid Tires With 8 & 9 Holes (These solid tires are from us / WonRay)

305x100.jpg Upright sissor lift tire 305x100x255 (3).jpg

We also have this size tire, please check below: UpRight MX19 Scissor Lift Parts 504350-000 504351-000 Non Marking Tires 305x100x255 (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

JLG 406x127.jpg JLG scissor lift tire 406x127  (3).jpg JLG scissor lift tire 406x127  (2).jpg

Aichi Scissor Lift SV06C/D,SV08C/D Part 4780000073 Solid Grey Tires 406x127, we found this size wheel also fit for JLG 4045R, please provide us rim data, we also can customize for you. (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

33x12-20 (3).jpg  38.5 14-20 solid tire Genie z60 (3).jpg  Genie boom lift (2).jpg

Boom Scissor Lift Rubber Filled Solid Telehandler Lifting Tires Wheel, we also can produce. (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

Boom lift non marking solid tires (1).jpg white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG(2).jpg WonRay 28x9-15 for Genie Z45 (3).jpg

Genie Z45, JLG boom lift E450AJ parts 273468 service 240-55 D17.5 replacement tyres wheel 28*9-15 (right solid tire is from us / WonRay)

Though some patter are different from us, it can’t affect the use on machine.

The safety with nature rubber,long life is more important.

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