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PU Wheel 343x114-90 7 Holes With Different Material

Oct 19, 2018

Polyurethane (PU) is a special material that offers the resilience of rubber combined with the toughness and durableness. It allows people to substitute rubber, plastic, and metal with PU. Polyurethane can reduce factory maintenance and OEM product cost.

Telling us your detail requirement, and choosing the right formula for your needs is very important. Because we have several formulations of polyurethane tread material available, each designed to achieve various benefits, for varying applications and environments. Formulations are created to achieve tear resistance, reduced exertion, not damage or mark up floors, dissipate heat in powered applications and many other such characteristic and advantage.

Here attached teh pictures of our different materail of 343x114-90 7 holes.

343x114-90 (4) 343x114-90 (5) 343x114-90 (7) 343x114-90 (6)

343x114-90 (8) 343x114-90 PLT005_MDI (2) 343x114-90 (3) 343x114-90 (1)

WONRAY solid tire.jpgRim2.jpg

company3.jpgworkshop and laboratory-1.jpgexhibition2-.jpg