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New Pattern And Wheel Model For Dingli 230x80

Nov 30, 2018

We are manufacture, our factory has been specializing in all kind of solid tire, electric forklift wheel, hand pallet truck wheel, scissor lift wheel over 20 years.

Solid tires have excellent safety performance, which is conducive to improving work efficiency.

The solid tire's carcass is made of rubber, which ensures the puncture resistance of the tire to a large extent, eliminating the danger of industrial vehicles in the harsh working environment or the tire piercing during the carrying operation. The solid tire has a small load-shaped variable and good running stability. Because it is resistant to thorns and tears, it does not need to be inflated. In low-speed, high-efficiency vehicles, solid tires can completely replace pneumatic tires.

Leading formula planning and skills

Solid tires have a history of more than half a century of production and experience. In the rubber formula planning, the performance of the tire is improved to the maximum extent. In particular, the base rubber is selected from the imported high-rigidity, low-heating rubber compound, and the heat and temperature of the tire during operation are minimized, and then the solid tire is processed. The swelling, slipping, bursting and other serious problems caused by the temperature rise; the leading formula planning reduces the tire rolling resistance. After inspection by the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Base, the solid tire rolling resistance coefficient and the pneumatic tires are appropriate, thus dealing with the increase in fuel consumption caused by the replacement of solid tires;

To prevent vehicle tires from puncture, showing the risk of losing control, promoting safe production.

Recently, we have new attern and wheel model for Dingli 230x80. 

230x80 (2) 230x80 (4)

230x80 (1) 230x80 (3)

WONRAY solid tire.jpgRim2.jpg

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