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Mould On Tires Technology Products More And More

Oct 10, 2015

China's tire industry, high-speed development,Mould on Tires with the supporting tire mold industry has maintained a good momentum of development. At present, China has become a tire mold manufacturing power, but before China's tire mold industry is very small, very low level of technology, production capacity is very low, and the production of tire mold business scale is also very small.

In the 1970s, the use of ordinary cars, milling, planing, grinding and other equipment manufacturing mold; 80 to 90 years, the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced radial tire activity in the 1960s, tire molds, tiger tongs, chisel open mold; Mold manufacturing technology, Mould on Tires began to buy new mold processing equipment, have invested heavily in research and development and technological transformation funds, generous procurement of foreign CNC machine tools, etc., spent 800,000 euros a top brand six axis five linkage processing center, is not And then satisfied with the domestic low-end market, have been engaged in international competition. Today, the tire mold has entered the fourth development milestone, "innovation", "patent" and even "brand", more and more attention for the industry entrepreneurs, mold technology continues to increase, more and more high-tech products, Mould on Tires mold Processing equipment is also more and more professional.

Foreign relatively large tire mold enterprises have nearly a few decades or hundreds of years of development history. But most of China's tire mold business development time is basically in this ten years. Into the 21st century, China's tire mold industry into the rapid development period, the product technology level significantly improved, and now processing a tire mold less than 1 month will be able to complete. Not only greatly improve the production efficiency, and the pattern of angular, clear pattern, pattern depth, Mould on Tires spacing equal, the appearance of the product is very delicate. Not only greatly improve the curing efficiency, and vulcanized tire is very beautiful. It can be said that the technical progress of tire molds to promote the rapid development of the tire industry, the relationship is complementary.

At present, the tire mold in the country have a conical, Mould on Tires oblique plane of the two major technology, the formation of precision casting, EDM, CNC engraving three processing technology coexist situation. Tire mold, especially the complex structure of the radial tire mold design, from the traditional manual experience into a computer-aided design, design and manufacturing widely used CAD / CAE / CAM and other digital mold technology, mold design, analysis, processing, Inspection, test mode and other work digitization. In addition, the molding process of computer simulation, parallel engineering, artificial intelligence, rapid prototyping and other advanced manufacturing technology applications, as well as standardization, professional production, etc., Mould on Tires greatly improving the tire mold processing efficiency and processing accuracy.

China's tire mold industry developed rapidly, but the imbalance, the industrial structure is not reasonable, mainly in the low-end mold enterprises, mold overcapacity, Mould on Tires industry, homogeneous competition, enterprise development potential is insufficient. Although the mold industry chain has been formed, but the key mold materials, mold steel also need some imports, tire mold casting technology and the international level there is a certain gap. High-end mold pre-development capacity is insufficient, but a small number of enterprises with high-end mold in the field of international competition to participate in the ability. Mould on Tires Industrial structure of the unreasonable and low-end enterprises, the formation of the tire mold industry development obstacles. With the adjustment of the global manufacturing industry, the domestic industry development factors, China's tire mold industry in the following four areas to achieve transformation and upgrading:

R & D and design. China is not only the tire manufacturing center, Mould on Tires but also should become the world's "R & D and design" center, to lead the international tire mold industry R & D trends, master a number of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology.