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Mould On Tires Industry Status

Dec 21, 2014

Tire mold is used for curing the mold of various types of tires. Mould on Tires Tire mold classification 1: active mold, by the pattern circle, mold sets, the upper and lower side plate composition. Active mold to distinguish the conical guide active mold and oblique plane oriented active mold 2: two molds, Mould on Tires by the upper mold, the next two pieces of the composition. 2015 China tire mold industry status analysis is as follows.

1985 ~ 2015, China's tire mold industry is the rapid progress of 30 years. 30 years, China's tire mold industry from small to large, rational layout, steady development, Mould on Tires rapid progress, to the world, the results of remarkable attention. Analysis of China's tire mold industry, Mould on Tires the status quo learned that China's tire mold industry is both China's rubber industry brilliant achievements followers and witnesses, but also China's tire industry development promoters and performers.

At present, the national production of tire mold enterprises have about 100, about 30 above the scale, there are two listed companies. In recent years, private tire mold enterprises developed rapidly, Mould on Tires the overall production capacity of private enterprises occupy an absolute advantage, Mould on Tires technology and manufacturing equipment leader, is to achieve the main force of tire mold power. Relevant information can be found in the China Report Hall published "2014-2019 China tire mold market research report".

China's domestic tire manufacturers, almost all in China, the procurement of molds, very few imports; China's foreign tire manufacturers, in addition to a very small number of non-dimensional pattern of mold from the self-built mold factory, the rest of the tire mold in China Manufacturers to purchase. Moreover, China's tire mold exports in recent years a large number of the world's major tire giants are in large quantities of Chinese-made tire molds.

China's tire mold manufacturing industry is seriously uneven development, two-level differentiation is serious, the difference between enterprises, industrial concentration is relatively high. A small number of large enterprises with strong technological innovation, advanced technology and equipment in the international community has formed a very strong competitiveness, and began to go abroad to establish a branch in the country. But a lot of small and medium enterprises competitiveness and development potential is seriously inadequate. Mould on Tires So, although a small number of enterprises already have a certain international influence, Mould on Tires but the industry has not yet formed a prominent international competitive advantage.

Most of our tire mold enterprises are nearly 10 years to establish and develop, Mould on Tires coupled with the old mold enterprise technological transformation, the introduction of almost all of today's world of advanced mold processing equipment, such as large-scale high-precision CNC milling machine and five-axis machining Equipment and so on.

At present, the commonly used special tire mold production equipment, Mould on Tires including tire mold special EDM machine, special lettering machine, CNC cutting machine tools such as precision, high-speed, CNC cars, CNC milling and other processing equipment. The application of NC machining technology has improved the development of traditional manufacturing industry as a whole, and its technical content is very high, Mould on Tires which involves many aspects, including the rapid and efficient NC programming, the space free surface multi-axis linkage processing, difficult to process materials Cutting, high-speed cutting applications, the standardization of CNC programming process and standardization and so on. In the mold detection equipment, the three-coordinate detector, Mould on Tires digital image metallographic analyzer, hardness, surface roughness, laser interferometer, processing equipment, test equipment and so on are widely used.

A series of high-tech equipment for the introduction, Mould on Tires absorption and development, not only to solve the tire mold cavity multi-arc, multi-curve phase processing problems, Mould on Tires but also to China's tire mold production to achieve a mechanized, informative and intelligent development.

Foreign relatively large tire mold enterprises have nearly a few decades or hundreds of years of development history. But most of China's tire mold business development time is basically in the past ten years. Into the 21st century, China's tire mold industry has entered a period of rapid development, Mould on Tires the product technology level significantly improved, and now processing a tire mold less than 1 month will be able to complete. Not only greatly improve the production efficiency, and the pattern of angular, Mould on Tires clear pattern, pattern depth, spacing equal, the appearance of the product is very delicate. Mould on Tires Not only greatly improve the efficiency of curing, Mould on Tires and vulcanized tire is very beautiful. It can be said that the technical progress of tire molds to promote the rapid development of the tire industry, the relationship is complementary.