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Industrial Solid Tires Good Security

Oct 18, 2017

Inflatable solid tires with international standard rims, Industrial Solid Tires with the pneumatic tire rims interchangeable, compared with the pneumatic tires, Industrial Solid Tires with wear, long life, rolling resistance, low energy consumption, puncture resistance, good security and so on, There is a higher cost performance, in the low-speed, high-load operation of the vehicle field, Industrial Solid Tires is a pneumatic tire replacement products.

1, please use the standard rim, has been deformed or damaged wheels do not use.

2, before the combination of rims and tires, Industrial Solid Tires please clean up the wheels and tires, not the debris left in the internal.

3, before the combination of rims and tires. Industrial Solid Tires You can use the oily lubricant or soapy water to wipe the cap wheel rims. Do not use oily lubricants.

4, the combination of wheels and tires should pay attention to the case of fitting, Industrial Solid Tires do not use more than the normal range of wind pressure forced installation, so as to avoid danger.

5, the combination of wheels and tires need to operate by the tire line of specialists, do not self-combination.

Select the appropriate pressure tire mold on the pressure on the pad, Industrial Solid Tires the first ring into the tire, put the ring, replace the mold, the ring into the rim, the tire tire to complete the work. When the tire is placed on the rim, Industrial Solid Tires it should be flattened and not skewed. Industrial Solid Tires Otherwise, the installation will be difficult to use.

Double-piece steel ring is also called off-type steel ring, tire wall first smear special lubricants.

Tire installation method: the use of impact bar single-sided percussion, but this method is only applicable to small solid tires, Industrial Solid Tires if it is a large double-piece steel ring must be used to install the tire.

Solid tires have long service life, low deformation rate, and the torque of the traction and braking to ensure good adhesion between the wheel and the road surface to improve the power, braking and passing of the forklift. The impact of the forklift driving, Industrial Solid Tires and attenuation of the resulting vibration; reduce the maintenance costs of the forklift, an increase of the driver's comfort.