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How To Mount A Solid Tire

Mar 10, 2017

Installing a solid tire on a wheel is difficult if you do not have a press machine. It can’t be finished.

On solid tires, each tire has a size numbers on it. For example, if you see “7.00-12/5.00” then you know it’s a 7-inch tire,5-inch rim. 

Choose the right tool, cone from press tire machine.
Jack up the lift truck with a properly-balanced jack. (NEVER use another forklift to do this!)
Unscrew and remove the wheel.
Take off the old tire from the wheel.
Put the wheel to the tire press machine.
(Solid tire) A new one is mounted onto the wheel.
Reattach the wheel to the forklift. 
Test the forklift’s balance and rolling.
It’s over!

Are you thinking about mounting a Solid Tire? Watch this video to learn what equipment is used and how solid tire mounting is done!

Split rim and solid tire

Complete rim and solid tire