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How To Measure A Industrial Solid Tire?

Aug 17, 2017

It will be most accurate data if you can find the tire & rim size from your existing tire. But it is very important to measure your tires as the tread may have worn down through the years of use or you want to make a new tire model for your equipment.

What's the data? 

They are: A. outside diameter, B. section width, C.inside diameter, D rim section. 

The example to measure do the A, B, Cand D: 

Below the picture from our customers:

photo_2016-11-10_09-22-28.jpg photo_2016-11-10_16-23-40.jpg photo_2016-11-10_09-22-31.jpg photo_2016-11-10_16-23-52.jpg

Any sizes solid forklift tires,we can produce clip Linde type, different color follow your requirement: black non- marking (grey,white,green etc.)

Solid tire and split rim together:

If you don’t have the Tires press machines, and you need to buy rims and tyre together.  We can press them for you, press service is available, we have few sets press machines, we will make it done and this service is free.