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How To Check The Tires?

Jul 26, 2014

Tire care and maintenance

Shallow tread:

Skidding on Bald tires on the road and will be damaged by potholes on the road. At least 1.6 mm tread depth, if not, the tires must be replaced.

Help you see the tread problems:

Tire tread grooves have a built-in "TWI tread wear identity." Smooth bulges in the tread grooves are these plastic block: when the tread wear to "tread wear identification", the tires need to be replaced immediately.

Little trouble:

Check into the tread of small stones, pieces of glass, metal chips and other foreign substances, and carefully clean


1. If your car has a spare tire, please replace the damaged tires with spare tire, and your car as soon as possible to the service centres for professional examinations.

2. perforated tread 6 mm or less in diameter can be fixed, diameter greater than 6 mm tread punctures or any sidewall punctures, remaining groove depth is less than 1.6 mm of tread wear tires, absolutely no patch or a security risk.