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How Important That Choose A Good Solid Tire For Forklift

Oct 10, 2017

While forklifts play a fundamental role in many industries allowing businesses to work productively and efficiently. Frequently operating in tight spaces with high traffic, dependable tires are also essential for workplace safety. As a wear part, without due care and attention, their impressive achievements can come at a high price,and cost of unexpected tire failure and consequential downtime is far greater. 


As is the case with other mobile equipment, tires are the single most significant item in a forklift's operating cost. However, buying forklift tires is unlike tire purchases for most other equipment.  


WonRay is one of the leading companies in the industry solid tire producing. The company is currently the top manufacturer of solid tires in China and continues to make constant improvements in technology in order to become a global leader.


Conventionally, our engineer can recommend equipment managers to match the tire type and tread pattern to the machine's working environment. Choices are made according to requirements for speed, traction, durability and hazards on varied climates, soils and surfaces.

Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires have the advantages of high safety, puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and long life, and are the ideal of inflatable tires in the field of industrial vehicles. With the development of industrial vehicles and the development of solid tire production skills, this tire is increasingly widely used. 

A good quality & price from reliable supplier or new products all can help you earn more market share in your field.

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