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Cushion Press On Tires Very Important

Dec 21, 2014

Tyre cushion is used to prevent rims damage the inner tube, Cushion Press on Tires so in order to better protect the inner tube, must be based on the wheel width selection of the correct belt specifications, the rim must be kept clean, shape sort, smooth surface. As a result, Cushion Press on Tires it is important to check the rim of the damaged cushion when it is used.

Usually use the car to pay attention to not overloading, as far as possible to avoid unnecessary rapid start and emergency braking. Drive down the road to slow down the car to reduce the angular impact on the tires, while avoiding the road holes. It is best to make a ramp when you need to put a car on an obstacle (such as a road tooth). If you don't have a ramp, you should first let the wheel slowly close to the curb and then force up the steps instead of speeding up in advance.

Try to choose a cool, dry and clean environment when parking. Cushion Press on Tires Stop on the flat ground and don't put the center of gravity on a certain wheel. In addition, avoid rubbing onto the road and other obstructions. Fetal side is relatively fragile, careful not to let the tire side of the sharp object, one but the tire side leakage or bulge, basically need to change the tire.

Often observe the tires have no cracks, cuts, nails, bulging, valve mouth rubber aging, abnormal wear and so on, early detection early treatment; the small pebble in the tread is deducted, Cushion Press on Tires the tyre is replaced regularly, and the wheel alignment and balance are done when necessary.

Once the tire side bulge phenomenon, it is necessary to replace the new tires as soon as possible, because the side of the bulge is basically unable to repair, after the tire side cord has been broken, vehicle driving at any time can be a tire.

After the tire crack, the owner needs to pay attention to, Cushion Press on Tires this kind of crack has the long short, has the deep shallow! If you can not judge whether it is safe, you need to go to a professional tire shop to check, this crack is a bulge of the early state, some deep can lead to direct puncture.

Tire wear marks, is the limit position of tire abrasion, if tire tread wear marks the height of wear, the tire has to be replaced the standard, otherwise dry road brake distance will be increased, the most dangerous is on the slippery road when driving sideslip, running deviation, brake failure is likely to occur.

In summer, the cold tyre pressure is about 10% lower than the normal value, which can slow the phenomenon of excessive tire pressure during long-distance driving. Cushion Press on Tires Because the long time driving will cause the tire temperature to continue to rise, along with the effect of expansion and contraction, Cushion Press on Tires tire pressure will continue to rise, so in the summer if often go out from driving or like the fierce driving friends, suggest with the tire pressure monitoring.