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Cushion Press On Tires Use Performance

Mar 15, 2015

Forklift tires as one of the wearing parts of the forklift movement, Cushion Press on Tires the forklift driving in the flexibility, smoothness, safety and the use of economy and so have a very important role, so the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of forklift tires, Cushion Press on Tires Tire life, improve the use of forklift performance, reduce the use of costs and so are very important, should cause the attention of the relevant personnel.

Industrial handling forklifts are widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yard, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, Cushion Press on Tires etc., and can enter the cabin, Cushion Press on Tires cars and containers for pallet cargo handling, handling operations, tray transport, container transport Indispensable equipment.

Forklift tires are rubber and fibrous materials and metal materials, Cushion Press on Tires composite products, manufacturing process is the mechanical processing and chemical reaction of the integrated process. Rubber and compounding agent after mixing into the tread; the fabric by rolling, cutting, Cushion Press on Tires paste made of curtain tube or curtain roll; wire by the stock, after the package formed into a bead; and then all semi-finished products in the molding machine combination Into the tire, in the vulcanization machine in the metal model, the vulcanization and made of tire products. Processing of radial tires, Cushion Press on Tires the requirements of semi-finished parts of the quality and size of high precision, strict technology, the need for a series of special equipment and very strict process. Which is more critical is the steel wire stickers calendering, cutting, molding process and active mode vulcanization. There are two methods of cold rolling and hot rolling. Cushion Press on Tires The molding method has a forming method and a two molding method. A molding method is in a machine head variable molding machine on the formation of tires, Cushion Press on Tires two molding with two forming machine sub-forming tires. The first section may be carried out on an ordinary half-drum type non-telescopic or radially extending forming head, Cushion Press on Tires and the second stage is formed on the expansion styling head so that the tire is changed from a cylindrical shape to an annular shape.

The main function of the treadmill tread pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the pavement to prevent the wheel from slipping, the tires of the forklift tires improve the tread ground elasticity, Cushion Press on Tires and the torsional forces between the tread and the pavement (such as driving force, braking force and lateral Force), the block can produce a large tangential elastic deformation. Tangential force increases, tangential deformation increases, the contact surface of the "friction" also will be enhanced, Cushion Press on Tires thereby inhibiting the tread and road slippery or slipping trend. This largely eliminates the drawbacks of treadmill (tread) forklift tires for easy skidding, making the performance associated with friction between forklift tires and pavements - power, braking, Cushion Press on Tires steering maneuverability and driving safety The normal play of a reliable protection.

The tread is a part of the forklift tires that are in direct contact with the ground, made of natural or synthetic rubber. For the sake of actual use and the difference in road conditions, Cushion Press on Tires the tread is engraved with different shapes and has a protective fork Wire and fiber role, but also forklift tires are used most frequently, the largest loss part, including the central part and the shoulder part, Cushion Press on Tires with the drive, brake, drainage, vibration, steering and other major functions.

Although part of the sidewall is not in contact with the ground, but it has to absorb the impact of the ground and the protection of the carcass within the role of steel or fiber layer, Cushion Press on Tires and forklift tire size, model and manufacturer name, are floating in this area.

Carcass is the main skeleton of forklift tires, Cushion Press on Tires can withstand the huge impact force, such as forklift tire bearing pressure, internal air pressure and lateral shear. It is made of man-made fibers by the glue after the intertwined in the rubber, after heat treatment and other processes made, Cushion Press on Tires and then according to the size of the required size to be cut, wrapped in the "inner lining", the formation of the carcass part.