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Cushion Press On Tires The Impact Force

Mar 18, 2015

Cushion Press on Tires Has a good stamping foundation, location, according to 104 National Road, by the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, close to the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, convenient transportation. The mark on the tire pad is marked with its matching rim. If the rim size is not correct, Cushion Press on Tires it will damage the pad and cause damage to the inner tube. When installing new tires, try to use the new inner tube and pad and make sure you are in place. After the rim is heated, the pad rubber may be squeezed out of the rim of the rim, and if the condition is severe, the pad and inner tube will be damaged and the tire will be run out of trouble. Cushion Press on Tires Should reduce the causes of tire overheating. To prevent the pad rubber from being extruded, Cushion Press on Tires an anti-squeeze gasket can be installed between the pad and the rim. Anti-extrusion gasket can be used galvanized or copper metal sheet, Cushion Press on Tires the length of the gasket is greater than the length of the flange valve hole, between the tire between the two toe mouth.

Because the tire within a considerable proportion of the heat is passed through the rim, if there is a pad, pad together a lot of heat, if the ribbon rubber heat dissipation is poor, it is easy to aging damage, so now the basic Of the tubeless tires do not exist in the use of the belt situation, and relative to the installation will be more convenient.

There are tires car tires are generally pad, Cushion Press on Tires different specifications used in the pad is not the same. Similar specifications can sometimes use the same specifications pad, the specific depends on the design of the pad can meet the requirements. The tape is required to have a specification mark, Cushion Press on Tires the specification mark is suitable for the tire size, Cushion Press on Tires the choice must be selected according to the specific specifications.

You pad is a double belt or a single? If it is a single is the belt with a broken; open the place to strengthen the inner tube or when the installation is not completely open the grip side of the place. If it is double is the same as the two belts Yang will be the inner tube rotten; the best inside the small point outside the big point.

Carcass is the main skeleton of forklift tires, can withstand the huge impact force, Cushion Press on Tires such as forklift tire bearing pressure, internal air pressure and lateral shear. It is made of man-made fibers by the glue after the intertwined in the rubber, after heat treatment and other processes made, and then according to the size of the required size to be cut, wrapped in the "inner lining", Cushion Press on Tires the formation of the carcass part.

Under certain tire pressure, Cushion Press on Tires the tire overload to increase the flexural deformation, Cushion Press on Tires cord and cord stress increases, easily lead to broken parts of the tire wall, Cushion Press on Tires loose and curtain fabric delamination, carcass cord force will exceed Designed to allow stress and tire ground pressure, resulting in increased heat, carcass temperature, load capacity decreased. At the same time due to shoulder contact with the ground to produce wear and tear, especially in the face of obstacles, even if a small stone, Cushion Press on Tires will cause crown crown blasting. Cushion Press on Tires Due to the different load of the front and rear axles, Cushion Press on Tires the working characteristics of the drive wheel and the steering wheel are different and the difference of the road condition is different. If the wear and tear condition of each tire is not consistent, Cushion Press on Tires if the same bridge is not replaced on the same side, the same size, structure, grade and pattern Tires, it will accelerate the tire wear.