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Cushion Press On Tires Should Be Used As Far As Possible

Feb 02, 2015

Today, many road teeth are at least 12 centimeters high, Cushion Press on Tires some even up to 20 centimeters, equivalent to One-third of the tire diameter. But there are still a lot of car owners ignore these road teeth, regardless of height, so drive up. In fact, as long as the speed of vehicles slightly higher than one points, pressure on the road after the tooth tire will be damaged, bury the hidden trouble, Cushion Press on Tires but did not allow those owners to change in the use of the car in the process of pressing the bad habit of the road teeth.

Car tires are not a tank track, and an upper-street tooth is likely to leave the tyres in advance. Cushion Press on Tires Take the 60 flat tire as an example, if the road tooth is 15 centimeters high, the vehicle tire side and the road tooth son angle is less than 45 degrees, the speed is larger than 30km/h, Cushion Press on Tires in this case will the vehicle drive the road tooth son, the tire must break at least 3 to 4 root cord (example data from the National Rubber Tire Quality Supervision Inspection center).

At present, passenger car tires are basically radial tires, the curtain line and tire section near the parallel arrangement, and tire rolling direction perpendicular. When the tires are pressed on the road, the tires will deform, and the rubber on the tyres and the internal cord will be extruded. The tensile strength of the material is related to its elongation. As can be seen from the table above, in addition to expensive polyamide fiber cord, Cushion Press on Tires the remaining four types of economic models tire cord material elongation is very low, tensile capacity is very limited. The rubber elongation rate is much higher than the curtain line, Cushion Press on Tires which can explain why tire pressure on the road after the tooth, tire rubber very little damage, and cord but broke a few roots.

Compared with the thick tires, the cord inside the thin tire is easier to break. This is due to the small extension of thin tires, thin tires cord deformation more easily than their own limits.

Correct tire pad with a good stamping base, strategic location, according to 104 National Road, relying on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, close to the Beijing-Shanghai railway line, Cushion Press on Tires convenient transportation. The tyre gasket is marked with a matching rim specification, and if the rims are not correct, damage to the gasket will result in the inner tube being damaged. New tyres and pads should be used as far as possible to ensure proper positioning. After the rim becomes hot, the cushion belt rubber may be extruded from the rim valve mouth hole, if the condition is serious will damage the cushion belt and the inner tube then causes the tire to be short of gas to drive. Cushion Press on Tires The cause of tire overheating should be minimized. In order to prevent rubber from being extruded, an extruded gasket can be added between the pad and the rim. Anti-extruded gasket can be galvanized or copper metal sheet, the length of the gasket is greater than the length of the rim valve mouth, Cushion Press on Tires between the two-toe mouth between the tires.