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Correct Operation Prevent Forklift Tire Abnormal Wear

Oct 10, 2014

Forklift tire abnormal wear in use generally have six circumstances: one is the extraordinary Central Crown worn; second, the tread shoulders extraordinary wear; the third is the inside of the wheel tread (or lateral) abnormal wear four Crown jagged wear six tread wear. Characterized by uneven tread wear, between ply delamination, cord loose and broken and the rupture of the resulting matrix.

Forklift driving Shi, tire the part by force more complex: in vertical direction has vertical anti-force, tangent direction has longitudinal and horizontal anti-force, makes tire in these direction exists overall or local of relative slip, caused tire surface wear and the deformation; in tire body internal produced stretch, and compression and caused material fatigue, to reduced strength; in cord layer Zhijian produced shear stress, dang this stress over cord layer and rubber layer between of adsorption force Shi, on will appeared curtain line loose phenomenon; in tire deformation in the, tire and tube Zhijian also will occurred mill wipe health hot, Part of the heat in the air, another part of accumulated heat and cause tire temperature, decreased performance, increased tire abnormal wear, causing cord for loose, broken, and tire rupture and so on.