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Big Rubber Solid Industrial OTR Tire 17.5-25 With New Pattern

Jun 05, 2018

The new tread design delivers exceptional traction and stability. Big tread pattern design increase tire contact, reduce ground pressure, lower rolling resistance and strengthen wear resistance.

WonRay 17.5-25 solid tire uses the special material on the tread surface. These make sure our tires have below advantages more.

Our big sizes aperture holes can only be made when the technology good enough to make sure the holes will not easy to broke during heavy load running. 

--- Heat release much more quickly.

--- Better shock absorption.

--- deeper pattern and have better wear resistant.

17.5-25 (1).jpg 17.5-25 (2).jpg

Widely used in mining, quarry and all kinds of construction area.

Wear-resisting and heat-resisting tread rubber technology enable the tire to have the superior performance under the different harsh condition.

Used for loader, excavator, and machinery.

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