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Aperture / Hole Designed WonRay Solid Tires

Aug 29, 2017

WonRay company has made an experiment between our aperture solid tires and common solid tires last week. And took some pictures when they are working.

 Hole forklift tire (2).jpg 

Besides the advantages of common solid tires.

-- Puncture proof : Reduce down- time,get more work finished on time without costly interruptions for flat tire replacements.

-- High load Capacity: .

-- Longer life : Solid Skid steer tires life will at least 2-3 times longer than pneumatic tires.

-- Maintenance-free: Compared with traditional pneumatic tires,the solid tire can be used on different kinds of poor working environment without blowout.

   Hole forklift tire (1).jpg  Hole forklift tire (3).jpg  Hole forklift tire (5).jpg


Our designed aperture solid tires make sure they have below advantages more.

For customers / end-users:

-- Bring more comfortable driving

-- Heat release much more quickly

-- Better shock absorption

For the businessmen:

-- Earn more market share

-- Get more and more customers


Do you want to try our hole solid tire? Contact us now!