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5.00 8 Solid Tire Split Yellow Rim For Special Machine

Mar 20, 2018

We accept the customer's request for producing 5.00-8 tires. He needs tires & rims together before delivery. 

Yes, we al know that solid tires and wheels are not easy to fit. We need the help of press machines and tools, if you don’t have the tires press machines, and you need to buy rims and tire together.  We can press them for you, press service is available, We have few sets press machines, we will make it done and this service is free. 

In addition to this size, we have solid tires of other sizes. From solid wheels 10*3 to solid tire 29.5-25, forklift solid tires, skid steer solid tire, solid OTR tires for the Mining machine, solid tire with rims,press-on solid tire, solid tire for lifting platform etc.

If you also want to customize solid tires.

OK, but please provide below assemble data to us :

1: Center hole diameter

2: Bolt hole diameter

3: Bolt hole counts

4: PCD ---Pitch Circle Diameter (The diameter of the bolt holes circle)

5: Offset ----The distance from the center line to the wheel mounting surface of the disc.

Here attached the pictures of our 5.00 8 solid tire split yellow rim for your reference.

5.00-8 solid tire&yewllow rim (6)_副本.jpg 5.00-8 solid tire&yewllow rim (1)_副本.jpg

5.00-8_副本.jpg WRST_5.00-8_R705 (1).jpg

Any other help you need that we may capable to do. Contact us, please. Your contacts will always be much welcome.

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