Traction Tread Press-on Solid Tire21x7x15 Used For Forklift

Smooth and traction tread pattern press on band solid forklift tires solid tyres Press on Tires also some people called as press on band tires or solid cushion tires. They are normally solid rubber built around a metal band and widely used on electric forklift and some trailers. Contact with us...

Product Details

Traction tread press-on solid tire21x7x15 used for forklift

Yantai Wonray Rubber Tire Co.,Ltd. is a factory and only specialized in solid tires' production more than 20 years in China.

We can produce all size solid tire for industrial vehicles. 

1· Advanced technology
2· High load capacity
3· Low rolling resistance
4· Lower energy consumption
5· Suitable for various forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles

press-on traction tread tire 21x7x15.jpg TR press-on tire (3).jpg tr press-on tire (2).jpg

We also have smooth Press-on Solid Tire

press on smooth tread tire SM1X412X8.jpg  press-on smooth tread tire SM 1X412X8.jpg

electric forklift tire_.png

airport equipment tire.jpg

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WONRAY is well-known as one of the leading tyre manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to choose the most suitable traction tread press-on solid tire21x7x15 used for forklift from our professional factory. We will offer you the best price and service.