The Rich Range Of Solid Tyres From WonRay

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The rich range of solid tyres from WonRay

Today the most common tyre. They are the same as pneumatic, not filled with air, they don’t provide a cushioning effect. But they do not puncture or go flat and are long-lasting. Excellent for indoor use or light outdoor use.

A press on the solid tyre that is made with a metal band and a rubber attached to it. Can be used on smooth pavements and warehouses with concrete flooring.

The quick tire which is easy to assemble or take off from the rim without the ring.

And we also have the non-marking tyres are solid tyres but specifically designed to prevent black marks on floors. Grocery and food processing factories are required to use them. The main drawbacks of non-marking tyres are that the carbon black is removed from them. Press on solid tyre, common solid tyre, or quick solid tyre, all kinds of solid tire can be produced the non-marking tire.

Color can be chosen according to your requirements, for example, grey, white, green, etc.

WONRAYR (1).jpgWRST (2).jpg

28x9-15 (3).jpg White Linde.jpg 28x9-15  4.jpg

Withe,grey, green,back etc. non-marking tire according to your requirement.jpg 

press-on smooth tread tire SM 1X412X8.jpg tr press-on tire (2).jpg

TR press-on tire (3).jpg press on smooth tread tire SM1X412X8.jpg press-on traction tread tire 21x7x15.jpg

white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG (7).jpg 500-8 2.jpg Rim2.jpg

No matter which you need, please contact us, we can provide you with the best one.

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WONRAY is well-known as one of the leading tyre manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to choose the most suitable the rich range of solid tyres from wonray from our professional factory. We will offer you the best price and service.