Solid Trailer Tires Wheels Used On Dollies, Baggage Carts, Tugs, Gse Carts

4.00-8 rubber solid tire 3.75-8.00 rim mounted assembly for luggage trolley Pattern: R706 We can provide the solid tire mounted rim according to your rim install data or drawing Solid size: 4.00-8, 4.00 × 8, 4.00*8 etc. Specification We also have split rim which can fit for our trailer solid...

Product Details

Solid trailer tires wheels used on dollies, baggage carts, tugs,  gse carts

Pattern:  ribbed tread

This pattern can fit for various trailers (luggage cart, baggage trailers industrial heavy duty trailer etc.) at the airport, seaport etc.

Solid size: 4.00-8/3.00/3.50/3.75, 5.00-8/3.00/3.50/3.75 etc.


Made of 100% natural rubber with a 3-stage design, the free rolling tread design and ribbed tread prevent cupping and vibration problems. Available sizes: 4.00x8, 5.00x8 and 6.00x9. For use on dollies, baggage carts, tugs, and misc. GSE carts

4.00-8,5.00-8 industrial solid tires all can make a ribbed pattern which we called R706.

4.00-8_solid tire.jpg WonRay black 5.00-8 3.75 R706 pattern (1).jpg 4.00-8 R706.jpg

4.00-8 solid tire and rims.jpg 4.00-8 without brake.jpg Grey (5)_副本.jpg

Various size type solid tire

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