Solid Tires Factory Produces Good Quality Solid Tire

Forklift, loader, lifting platform, etc. Industrial Solid Tires Factory Our company has consistently adhered to the "quality first, customer first, quality service, abide by the contract," the purpose of relying on high-quality products, good reputation, quality service, the...

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Solid tires factory produces good quality solid tire

The solid tires are very different from inflatable tires. The solid tires are made with the rubber compounds, Solid tires manufacturing results in tires that are incredibly hard and durable.

Solid tires are used in a variety of applications. Most solid tires are used in industrial applications which the machines are often used in construction zones where a variety of metals, scrap, nails, screws, and other hardware may frequently puncture tires on heavy, load-bearing vehicles. 

YANTAI WONRAY RUBBER TYRECO., LTD solid tires corp is a well-established rubber-product enterprise, combining the most advanced design, processing technology, and complete quality guarantee system. 

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small solid trailer  tires (1).jpg small solid trailer  tires (2).jpg

 IMG20160531151342.jpg 28x9-15 (2).jpg white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG (7).jpg 4.00-8_solid tire.jpg 

28x9-15  4.jpg press-on traction tread tire 21x7x15.jpg  TR press-on tire (3).jpg press on smooth tread tire SM1X412X8.jpg 

23.5-25 tire (3).jpg 10.00-20 R700_ (2).jpg 23.5-25 tire and rim.jpg 10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2).jpg

14.00-20.jpg solid tire&rim.jpg 14.00-24 mold-on tire.jpg mold-on tire without disc with hole_副本.jpg 

FB18.00-25 for Sany Reach Stacker (5).jpg1510×470.jpg Rim2.jpg

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