Press-on Solid Tires For Demanding Material Handling Environments

Smooth and traction tread pattern press on band solid forklift tires solid tyres Press on Tires also some people called as press on band tires or solid cushion tires. They are normally solid rubber built around a metal band and widely used on electric forklift and some trailers. Contact with us...

Product Details

Press-on solid tires for demanding material handling environments

Press-on tires are designed to meet multiple critical requirements in industrial forklift tire applications. Press-on tire compounds that target not only high load carrying capacity but also has characteristics as follows:

1. Lower barycenter

2. Lower energy consumption

3. Anti-puncture

4. Lower maintenance cost

5. Higher density of rubber

6. Higher wear resistance

7. High traction

8. Low rolling resistance

9. comfortable ride

10. Good stability

11. Tire base is made to combine with steel wheel very tightly so as to avoid peeling off between them.

Premium tire designed for demanding material handling environments

Available in smooth or traction

Long lasting compounds for increased vehicle productivity

press-on smooth tread tire SM 1X412X8.jpg tr press-on tire (2).jpg

TR press-on tire (3).jpg press on smooth tread tire SM1X412X8.jpg press-on traction tread tire 21x7x15.jpg

electric forklift tire 2.png

airport equipment tire.jpg


workshop and laboratory-1.jpgexhibition2-.jpgpackage2.jpg

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