MEWP Solid Wheel Tyre 15x5 323x100 16x5x12 385/65-24 Etc

Boom scissor lift rubber filled solid telehandler lifting tires wheel no covers Rubber filled solid tires wheel for Telehandler, Boom Lift & Aerial Lifts The right boom lifting tires can offer equipment operators better reliability, traction, more comfortable ride, and lower cost of...

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MEWP solid wheel tyre 15x5 323x100 16x5x12 385/65-24 etc

MEWP Definition: A MEWP or M.E.W.P. is a Mobile Elevating Work Platform. MEWPs are also known as:

Aerial platform

Vertical lift

Powered access

Spider lift

Cherry picker

Scissor lift

Aerial work platform

Boom lift

Access platform

Aftermarket parts may seem like a small part of your rental business, but they can have a big impact on your bottom line. Replacement components costs are individually small, but their impact on rental uptime is unquestionable. 

One of the most commonly replaced parts on a mobile elevating platform (MEWP) is the tires. Tires play a big role in the performance and productivity of the machine. They influence the terrain ability or the rideability of a MEWP, as well as the stability — tires are literally the foundation of stability for any MEWP.

When talking about tires, it’s not just a matter of grip – a replaced tire that is too hard or too soft will impact the way the machine contacts the ground, potentially affecting the stability of the load above. And, a replaced tire that weighs more or less than original equipment affects the machine’s counterbalance, which potentially impacts the machine’s load rating.

Excellent wear characteristics

Non-marking compounds to protect indoor surfaces on the job site

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385 65-22.5 solid tire with rim 1 10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2)

silver rim 7.00-15 for2x9-15 tire_副本 33x12-20 tire & black rim (2)_副本 10-16.5 tire & yellow rim (2)

Black 28x9-15 9 holes tire & rim for Genie (1) white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG (7).jpg WonRay 28x9-15 8 holes for Genie Z45  (1)_副本

38.5 14-20 solid tire Genie z60 (3).jpg 38.5 14-20 solid tire Genie z60 (5).jpg Genie boom lift (2).jpg


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