Hot Sale Industrial Bobcat Skid Steer Tire 30x10-16 33x12-20

Airless bobcat parts solid tyres skid steer tires for sale 10x16.5 12x16.5 etc. Maybe you bought the new Bobcat skid steer loaders with pneumatic tire form the dealers, or you had&bought the used Bobcat machine. You must have this question: the Bocat tires are BLOW-OUT one day, you can...

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Hot sale industrial Bobcat skid steer tire 30x10-16 33x12-20

Solid Skid Steer and Loader Tires with Aperture holes are available from stock. These offer a smoother ride than standard solid or foam filled tires. The NO FLAT protection of a solid tire increases up-time for heavy duty machines and offers protection against upset of loads which a sudden deflation can cause on an aerial lift or boom lift. Common size replacements include the 10x16.5 and 12x16.5 tires.

10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2).jpg solid tire with rim (mold-on).jpg skid steer solid mold-on tire with Rim.jpg

yellow Rim 6.00-16 for 10-16.5 tires.jpg 2 pieces compelet rim for 10-16.5.jpg black rim 8.00-20 .jpg

10-16.5 tire & yellow rim (2).jpg solid tire&rim.jpg 10-16.5 tire & black rim.jpg

New pattern for 10-16.5

10-16.5 (5).jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (2).jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (6).jpg  

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