High-quality Inflation-free Rubber Solid Industrial Tire 28x9-15 Etc.

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High-quality inflation-free rubber solid industrial tire 28x9-15 etc.

A solid tire is a tire that is opposite to a pneumatic tire. The carcass is solid, without a cord as a skeleton, and does not need to be inflated, so that an inner tube or an inner liner is not required. The solid tire has more advantages.

1. Advanced skills and formula planning

It has improved the function of the tires as much as possible in the rubber formula planning, especially The base rubber is selected high-rigidity, low-heating rubber compound. When the tire is running, the heat and temperature rise and fall to a low level,  with the heat resistance of the tire, and then the expansion of the solid tire due to the temperature rise is dealt with. Serious problems such as slip rings and bursts; advanced formula planning reduces tire roll resistance.

2. Good safety function is conducive to the improvement of work efficiency: because the solid tire carcass is made of all rubber, as much as possible to ensure the puncture resistance of the tire, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicle in the carrying process and in the Tire piercing in harsh working conditions.

3. Reasonable structural planning, to ensure that the tires have a better function of use. In addition, the reasonable drum and CLICK structure planning of the LINDE forklift tires ensure the tight fit of the tire device and the rim, widening the tire section, and improving the running stability of the vehicle.

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small solid trailer  tires (1).jpg small solid trailer  tires (2).jpg

 IMG20160531151342.jpg 28x9-15 (2).jpg white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG (7).jpg 4.00-8_solid tire.jpg 

28x9-15  4.jpg press-on traction tread tire 21x7x15.jpg  TR press-on tire (3).jpg press on smooth tread tire SM1X412X8.jpg 

23.5-25 tire (3).jpg 10.00-20 R700_ (2).jpg 23.5-25 tire and rim.jpg 10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2).jpg

14.00-20.jpg solid tire&rim.jpg 14.00-24 mold-on tire.jpg mold-on tire without disc with hole_副本.jpg 

FB18.00-25 for Sany Reach Stacker (5).jpg1510×470.jpg Rim2.jpg

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WONRAY is well-known as one of the leading tyre manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to choose the most suitable high-quality inflation-free rubber solid industrial tire 28x9-15 etc. from our professional factory. We will offer you the best price and service.
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