Excellent Forklift Solid Tire 18x7-8, 140/55-9, 250-15 And So On

5.00-8 6.00-9 6.50-10 7.00-12 28x9-15 solid forklift tires wholesale manufacturers factory The all of our tires are new tires, no the renovation of tires, cut tires, second-hand tires. Factory direct sales! Quality assurance ! High quality, high strength, high resistance, high resistance, low heat,...

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Excellent forklift solid tire 18x7-8, 140/55-9, 250-15 and so on

The actual contact area of the tire with the road surface is actually only the size of the human palm. Your safety, comfort and fuel economy depend on this very small tread because of your tires:

Is the only connection point between the vehicle and the road

Bear the full weight of the vehicle – up to 50 times the weight of the tire

Respond to driving actions such as steering, acceleration, and braking, and act on the road

Absorb the impact of road obstacles

So it is very important to choose a good forklift solid tire for your forklift.

Black_R701jpg (2).jpgBlack_R701jpg (1).jpg cross-section.jpg

WRSR & WonRay_.jpg

250-15 7.00 R701 pattern (2).jpg 250-15 7.00 R701 pattern (1).jpg 28x9-15 (2).jpg

23x9-10.jpg green_WoRay tire.jpg white 28x9-15 tire & rim for JLG (7).jpg 8.25-15.jpg

WONRAY solid tire.jpg

company3.jpgworkshop and laboratory-1.jpgexhibition2-.jpg

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