10-16.5 12-16.5 Solid Rubber Tires Pressed Onto Rims With 8 Holes

Airless bobcat parts solid tyres skid steer tires for sale 10x16.5 12x16.5 etc. Maybe you bought the new Bobcat skid steer loaders with pneumatic tire form the dealers, or you had&bought the used Bobcat machine. You must have this question: the Bocat tires are BLOW-OUT one day, you can...

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10-16.5 12-16.5 solid rubber tires pressed onto rims with 8holes

Leads the development trend of solid tires. 

Compared with traditional solid tires, it has the advantages like fast installation, lightweight, better shock absorption and heat yield, reduces the impact load to the axle etc. 

Compared with traditional pneumatic tires, it has many advantages such as puncture-resistant, maintenance-free, long life, etc.


Other companies produce the tires with small round holes.

The round design easily collapses into a flat shape under a load, which creates corners that cause pinch or stress points. 

Stress point damage will typically result in cracking and chunking of a tire.

WonRay designed our solid skid steer tires with one row of big elliptical-shaped holes.

Elliptically shaped holes are designed not to crush when compressed by a heavyweight. 

Because the holes don't crush, this reduced stress points and increases wear life. With our one-row holes, the tire's strength and service life are long.

10x16.5 Bobcat skid steer solid tires (2).jpg solid tire with rim (mold-on).jpg skid steer solid mold-on tire with Rim.jpg

yellow Rim 6.00-16 for 10-16.5 tires.jpg 2 pieces compelet rim for 10-16.5.jpg black rim 8.00-20 .jpg

10-16.5 tire & yellow rim (2).jpg solid tire&rim.jpg 10-16.5 tire & black rim.jpg

New pattern for 10-16.5

10-16.5 (5).jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (2).jpg White skid steer solid tire10-16.5 R711 (6).jpg  

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WONRAY is well-known as one of the leading tyre manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to choose the most suitable 10-16.5 12-16.5 solid rubber tires pressed onto rims with 8 holes from our professional factory. We will offer you the best price and service.