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Trend of construction machinery industry optimistic about economy recovery

Aug 20, 2016

Beginning in May 2016, overall recovery in construction machinery industry, according to mining machinery branch of China construction machinery industry Association statistics show, excavator sales March 2016, there has been a sharp pick-up in 7 August advance. Among them, 45% August excavator industry sales rose in September, rose 71%, spirits of the entire industry's growth for several months.

Excavator monthly sales 6664 November 2016, an increase of 72.7%, more than 70% have 3 consecutive months of growth. 2016 1 November excavator sales rose 17%, better than expected. 725 November 2016 excavator exports, exports accounted for more than 10.9%. Loader sales in November 2016 5176, up 21.9% in January-November, sales are still down 6.6%. Loader export volume rose from October 2016 also occur November number 1143 loader exports, an increase of 30.5%.