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Tire pattern affects tires

Jul 17, 2017

     No matter what the tires, tires will have stripes, markings are mainly to add the friction of the tire, play a maintenance role. What is the effect of the markings on the forklift tires? Below the forklift tires Xiaobian to introduce you:

In the case of

      The deeper the speckle, the greater the amount of deformation of the zebra ground, the greater the tumbling resistance caused by the loss of elastic hysteresis of the forklift tires. Deep stripes are not conducive to tire cooling, so that the tire temperature rise accelerated, striped roots due to severe punishment and easy to tear, off and so on. The markings are too shallow to affect its water storage, drainage, simple occurrence of harmful "water skiing phenomenon", and make the tread tire easy to slip out of the bad highlights, so that the previously mentioned car function deterioration.

     Thus, the markings are too deep too shallow. Objective law is to use the markings will become smaller and smaller. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the effect of stripes, countries around the world have drawn up on the limits of tire wear patterns clear rules. And engraved tire wear limit alarm symbols "or" and "TWI" English symbols at several equal parts of the circumference of the tire shoulder. When the zebra convex surface wear to the bottom of the zebra groove about 1.6mm (1/16 inch), the pattern at the mark has been polished, so reveal the narrow strip of light tread, to warn the driver, the The tires have arrived at the time of the need for replacement.