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Tire mold processing technology

Sep 30, 2017

Tire mold in the final analysis is used to make car tires, is the production of a tire tires, and now tire molds on the pattern, size, size, etc., after the mass production for automotive tires.

Tire mold working principle

In simple terms, is printed pattern, according to the tire mold casting or forging rough, according to the drawings hanging hole, etc., the use of physical knowledge of high-pressure molding, Mould on Tires according to the drawings cut pattern, polished and other professional operation. Because of the complexity of the operation, so the tire mold production to spend a long time and very long energy.

Tire mold classification

1: active mold, by the pattern circle, mold sets, the upper and lower side panels.

The active mold distinguishes the conical guide active mold and the oblique plane oriented active mold

2: two molds, by the mold, Mould on Tires the next two pieces of the composition.

Tire mold processing technology

Take the active mold as an example

1: According to the tire mold casting or forging rough, and then roughing and heat treatment. Tire mold blanks for complete annealing, to eliminate internal stress, annealing should be flat, to avoid deformation is too large.

2: according to the drawings to lift the hole, and then press the semi-fine car drawings will be the outer diameter and height of processing in place, with semi-fine car program car lap cavity, car finished with semi-fine model test.

3: with the processing of a good tire mold pattern electrode pattern pattern of electric processing, with a model test.

4: the pattern ring according to the requirements of manufacturers are divided into several copies, respectively, draw the marked line, Mould on Tires into the tooling back waist tapping and tapping.

5: according to the same part of the order of 8, at the crossed line cut.

6: the cut a good block according to the drawings required to light the pattern, clear angle, clear roots, playing the exhaust hole.

7: the sand inside the block evenly sandblasting, Mould on Tires the same color requirements.

8: the pattern ring, mold sets, on the lower side of the board together to complete the tire mold.