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The reason of the phenomenon of solid tires in summer

Jul 01, 2017

Solid tires, by the ply, bead, buffer layer, tread four parts with outstanding wear resistance of the tire less heat. Due to the high temperature in summer, the temperature of the road in the long exposure to the temperature is also very high, and when the solid tires in such a high temperature on the road will be found when sometimes did not use long tires have occurred from the skin phenomenon, today We follow the solid tire price list Xiaobian specific understanding of this problem.

Engineering tires from the skin and sometimes the tire and the device must have a certain connection. Engineering tire equipment is not accurate directly linked to the tire life, especially in the replacement of the tire when the type and type of tires are not the same tires, because the actual scale of the tires and fit to fit the same, and therefore must not arbitrarily mixed The

Together, the tire tire pressure must also be adjusted, tire pressure is too high or too low are unscientific, will affect the service life of the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, the radial deformation increases, the tire wall on both sides of excessive deformation, the occurrence of fetal crown shoulder wear, so that the tire temperature increases, will seriously reduce the tire life. In addition to tire tires of engineering tires, cleaning of engineering tires is also very important. Regardless of driving before or after driving, have to check the tread mark groove is not caught with stones, iron or nails and other hard objects, if any, to immediately clean up.

Engineering tires are now widely used in various fields, together we do not advocate tires stored in the wet local, if the environmental conditions elements, can not prevent, we also advocate for the tire to do the appropriate conservation to extend the use of tires.