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The main problems of forklift truck tire

Oct 19, 2017

Our company is engaged in forklift tire enterprises, with good service, high quality products, to obtain the trust and recognition of users, the following small to introduce forklift truck tires common problems.

1, delamination: Rubber circumferential cracks or delamination, inflatable forklift tires more.

2. Lap off

3, drop block: forklift tire rubber surface partial lump fall off.

4, radial cracks: Rubber cracks along the diameter, mostly in the white pressure forklift truck tires.

5, color change: no color change of forklift truck tire, white inflatable forklift tires.

6, broken edge: simple type forklift tire bulge fracture

7, skid: tire diameter is too large or rim diameter is small, resulting in relative displacement of tire and wheel rim.

8, sealing off: pressure with solid tire steel ring weld desoldering, inflatable solid tyre steel ring joint fracture.

9, the middle crack: after the use of cracks from the mold joint cracks, mostly in small specifications.

10, partial wear: use after driving surface, left and right wear inconsistent.

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