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Storage items of forklift truck tire

Oct 19, 2017

Forklift tire is very important for forklift, forklift tire right can not only increase the service life of the tire, it is a guarantee to the safety of people travel so special attention to tires in storage, forklift tire is no exception.

Forklift tire should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, especially exposure, also need to pay attention to is that the warehouse must keep dry and ventilated, and put in far away from heat, power generation equipment and the production of ozone, not oil, easy and natural things and chemical corrosion products together. In order to avoid the occurrence of fire accidents.

If the forklift tires need to be stored separately, fill in the proper amount of air. In the semi circle of gallows hung, shall not be folded flat or stacked, and regular rotation pivot. As with tube storage, tyre or set of forklift tire is not flat, but can not be stacked through suspension, to put; and, for a large truck tire, the only single stand, small and medium sized truck tire allows double stand, to rotate once every two months.

Not only forklift truck tires, other types of tires are the same, in daily work, we must pay more attention to the storage of tires, check more.