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Solid tires: tire tread failure

Aug 24, 2017

    Tire is one of the most important components of the car, it supports the full weight of the vehicle, accept the car's load, and pass the other direction of the force and torque, the general tires prone to tread problems are the following:

1, single-sided wear commonly known as partial grinding, mainly due to the wheel overrunning or dumping, which is often caused by bad wheel positioning. Solution: Proof of mechanical failure, to maintain the standard pressure. If necessary, adjust the front and rear axle timing. It should be noted that the radial tire and the oblique tire are not coaxially fitted due to intermodulation.

2, the brake caused by part of the wear and tear, if necessary, proofread the brake system, advocate the owner of the car to prevent emergency braking.

3, the tread rubber block is cut off, mainly on the road when the road surface of the sharp foreign body, including debris may be cut off the tread rubber block, and there may be hurt wire ring or carcass cord fabric layer. Thus, it is possible to prevent the rolling of foreign matter and debris while traveling on the road.

Above is a brief description of the tire treadmill, our company's main project with solid tires, forklift tires. Companies in the sincere Benedict, the concept of rolling, adhere to the people-oriented, quality standards for the day, has introduced new products to meet the needs of different customers. The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with the dealers, to carry out.

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