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Pay attention to clean up the debris in the tires

Aug 08, 2017

      Solid tires due to contact with the road for a long time, can not help but in the tire markings embedded in the stone, not only the texture was messed up, driving the markings in the stone knock on the ground, issued a huddled sound, that we , This embedded in the tire texture of the broken stone need to be sorted out, it is what harm it?

      ① noise: due to the normal movement of the tire when the sound is relatively small, because the rubber tread contrast soft, but after the stone is not the same. And the gravel in the gravel will be followed by tire tumbling knock on the ground, as was the beginning of the face to face fiercely in the ground conflict, the kind of rapid crackling is almost crazy.

      ② to prevent drainage: If the tire markings in the rain when the line can play the role of water lines to ensure that the tire when passing through the water can quickly dip in the tire on the liquid off to ensure that tire grip will not drop too much. If the tire markings embedded in excessive gravel, will significantly reduce the tire drainage, resulting in tire slippage.

      ③ puncture dangerous: Although the tread tread is relatively solid, usually embedded in the stripes of the stone is difficult to puncture, but the night will go more than the devil, the car can not be inserted into the sharp and strong stone and even metal blocks , This time poke broken tire wall is also possible. On the other hand, when the car is traveling at high speed, the high-speed collision causes the tire temperature to increase, the tire gas swells and the tire wall becomes thinner. If the markings embedded in sharp stones, this time on a simple puncture.

      In addition, the gravel in the markings of the solid tires embedded in the milling machine is subjected to double kneading and clashing of the sidewall and the ground, and some of the exposed treads will soon be ground and polished. And in the process of grinding, if the car traveling at high speed, gravel is very simple sputtering out, the impact is not small, damage from a car or in the next road vehicles.