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Mould on Tires To carry out the transformation

Sep 28, 2017

Mold enterprises want to long-term business down, we must vigorously reform. Mould on Tires The primary task is to improve the technology, only to master the patented technology, enterprises have a strong competitive advantage, into the high-end market, the creation of their own unique brand.

Application of high-tech industry to the traditional tire mold manufacturing model transformation, Mould on Tires can enhance the traditional tire mold manufacturing model of international competitiveness; through the traditional tire mold manufacturing model of the escalating,Mould on Tires but also for the development of high-tech itself provides a broad space.

China's tire mold enterprises are basically private enterprises, in addition to a handful of a number of large enterprises, the rest are small and even family workshop-style enterprises, Mould on Tires from an objective point of view, there are advanced manufacturing technology and high-end equipment difficult to import the problem, plus On the mold price of poor competition, a direct result of low-grade tire mold market competition intensified pattern.

China's tire mold enterprises between the joint reorganization, industrial strategic alliance is the trend. Large-scale, strong technical force, Mould on Tires innovative ability to enterprises with small, weak technical strength between the enterprises to form an effective division of labor, strong and large enterprises to lead, Mould on Tires weak and small enterprises to collaborate. Only the establishment of such a cooperative relationship in order to ensure that China's tire mold manufacturing industry as a whole to run effectively.

At present, the Chinese tire mold technology level and value is relatively low, in the high-end mold or rely on imports, especially for Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Mould on Tires mainland, Pirelli and other tire giants, they used for curing high-end tire mold Basically rely on their own subsidiary mold factory manufacturing or to Europe and the United States advanced tire mold manufacturers to purchase.

China's tire mold to achieve from the "big" to "strong" change, Mould on Tires it is necessary to change the mode of development, structural adjustment, enterprises must improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs, vigorously develop high value-added products, take "static, "Route, the formation of a strong national brand of tire mold.

Tire mold manufacturing, processing, Mould on Tires assembly is always the lowest profit margins link, and product development and after-sales service and other aspects of the value of the industry chain is in the high-end. Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other developed countries have been able to always control the high profits on the manufacturing chain, Mould on Tires mainly by virtue of capital and technological advantages to seize high technology and high value-added links, through the implementation of modern services, abandon the traditional process, Technology, to achieve high-end monopoly, low-end transfer.

To make China's tire mold manufacturing has become strong, Mould on Tires not only to pay attention to the tire mold product production and tire industry needs, but also to comply with the global manufacturing trends, learn from the experience of Western developed countries, Mould on Tires attention to the development of modern manufacturing services The