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Mine operations give priority to solid tires

Jun 15, 2017

Today's coal companies continue to increase, the use of tires under the mine must be able to wear, resistant to thorns, the use of long life. Rubber tires in the use of the process of exposure to the use of short life, wear resistance, stamina intensity contrast difference and other shortcomings, especially in the mine work, often causing the burst of the scene. And solid tires just to compensate for this shortcoming, let's look at the value of environmentally friendly solid tires.

Mine tires are the use of solid tires this feature, according to the need to manufacture solid tires and reinforced tires filled. On the one hand, satisfied with the wear resistance of mining tires, stab resistance, scratch resistance, good flexibility and high bearing characteristics, on the other hand, the traditional pneumatic tires in the downhole due to puncture caused by security risks. But also compensate for the rubber bubble hair filling tires easy to bulge and rebound shortcomings. And then improve the tire life, reduce the replacement of tires, is mine mine harsh environmental engineering tires of choice.

Mine work can not forget the inspection of tires and rims. First look at the suitability of the tire and rim, that is, the type of tire to be installed is not the same type as the rim. The width of the rims used in the standard tires varies, and the device must be identified first. The rims include rims with or without defects, with or without burrs. If there is burr, the first polished flat, or easy to hurt the tire hub, the impact of equipment and use. In order to ensure that the tire can be smooth device in place to reduce the conflict between the rim, the device, the tire inside the hub and the outer surface of the rim to be sprayed, coated with lubricants, lubricants can choose commonly used soapy water, washing powder, etc. Of the available tire special lubricants, but must not use oil and other industries commonly used lubricants, etc., because they will swell rubber, damage the tires.

Solid tires have long service life, low deformation rate, reduced vehicle repair costs and increased driver comfort. Solid tire is a kind of industrial tire suitable for low speed and high load running vehicle. It is widely used in various industries because of its long service life, high safety factor, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, fatigue resistance and maintenance Vehicles, construction machinery, ports, airports, railways and large and medium-sized industrial and mining companies and a variety of cargo loading and unloading workplace flat and trailer vehicles and other areas.