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Manufacturing process of tire mould

May 30, 2017

Introduction of tire mould structure and manufacturing process

General Tire Mold According to the manufacturing process is roughly divided into two types: half steel, all steel. Semi-steel is mainly used in the tire directly smaller, the pattern is more complex car tire mold, all steel relative to half steel mainly used in trucks, engineering vehicles and so on. A set of tire molds are generally divided into two parts according to the structure: shell and cavity. The shell part of the tire mould is relatively fixed to the same manufacturer, and the part of the cavity which involves the pattern curve is often changed. The shell part is roughly divided into: the middle cover inserts the ring, the upper cover, Mould on Tires the upper cover opens the skateboard, the upper cover closes the skateboard, the T-shaped block, the middle cover, enters and exits the air mouth, Mould on Tires in the slide plate, the guide strip, the bow seat, the bow floor, the base board

The cavity part is roughly divided: upper side die, pattern circle, upper clamp plate, accessory steel ring, lower clamp plate, lower steel rim, lower side mould, etc.

The production process of the tire mould is generally divided into design, programming, processing, Mould on Tires trimming and assembling.

Operation Tips for tire moulds

1, according to the tire mold drawing casting or forging blanks, and then rough car blanks and heat treatment. The tire die blank is completely annealed, the internal stress is eliminated, Mould on Tires the annealing should be flattened, and the deformation is avoided too large;

2, according to the drawing of the hoisting hole, and then according to the semi-precision car drawings will be the outside diameter and height of the circle of processing in place, with a semi-precision car program car pattern circle cavity, car finished with a half fine car model test;

3, with the processing of the tire mold pattern electrode to shape the pattern of electric processing, with a model test;

4, Mould on Tires the pattern circle according to the requirements of manufacturers are divided into several parts, respectively, draw the marking line, put into the fixture back waist hole and tapping;

5, according to the working procedure 8 cent equal parts, at the line cut;

6, cutting the pattern of good pieces according to the drawing requirements of the pattern to play light, clear angle, Qinggen, Mould on Tires playing exhaust holes;

7, on the pattern block cavity evenly spraying sand, the requirements of uniform color;

8, the pattern circle, the mold sleeve, the upper and lower side plate merge assembly, Mould on Tires completes the tire mold.